Music Camp, music & English, is a national summer and Christmas camp and course that offers many different activities intended to complement the teaching work of conservatories and music schools, promoting young students formation, not only in musical aspects but also English language domain.Child with violin In “Music Camp, music & English”, these aims will be developed by promoting musical and English language abilities through new educational strategies that give the students the opportunity to increase their educational experiences by taking part in big instrumental ensembles (wind band and orchestra), chamber music groups, or choirs, besides several socio-cultural activities which will be developed in a natural and rural environment. “Music Camp, music&English” is not only a musical training course: it will be a great and unique event for young musicians in Spain”. The students will have the opportunity to develop their musical and language skills with high-level teachers. “Music Camp, music&English” probably will be the most enriching holyday week of their lives. Nowadays, families and society are experiencing changes. Because of that, the need of creating alternative activities to promote young musicians’ formation is increasing.This course pretends to answer this request, and at the same time, to contribute with English learning through the connivance of kids and teenagers from 7 to 18 years old who have the same interest: music. “Music Camp Christmas, special edition” was born because of the big succeed of the previous “Music Camp, music & English” editions. Music Camp staff keeps working on a really innovative and creative way of teaching, and once more 3-216x300our students will be trained in English language and music subjects. This edition has the same structure than summer editions: individual music lessons with the main instrument, English lessons (according to the level of each student), and group lessons (choir, orchestra, wind band or piano and guitar ensemble), apart from other free time activities. All musical group activities will be focus on the final concert, and of course, it will be dedicated to the typical music of these days of the year. The most important thing for us is that students not only can develop their musical and English skills, but also they can live new affective experiences in a wonderful rural and natural environment during their holyday time. “Music Camp Christmas, special edition” will take place in Astudillo (Palencia, Spain) in December from the 26th to the 30th of 2016. All the activities and the accommodation will be in the “Santa María de Astudillo” hostel. It is destined to young musicians (7 to 18 years old) who play violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano, flute, clarinet, trumpet, or other brass instruments. Inscriptions will be from the 4th of November to the 4th of December.

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