Helena Pilipovic: monitora de Inglés

Helena Pilipovic: Monitora de Inglés y ayudante de Profesora de ViolaHelena Pilipovic was born in the capitol of Croatia, Zagreb (18.02.1991.), Helena started to play the violin at the age of 7, as the last student of the appreciated Croatian violinist and pedagogue Petar Vrbancic. During the primary school she took part in regional and state competitions in violin, and also in English and German language. At the age of 16, she started to play the viola and two years later she entered the Music Academy in Zagreb. She finished her studies successfully in the class of Prof. Kresimir Petar Pusticki in year 2014. During her studies, she spent one semester in Leipzig, Germany, studying in the class of the extinguished viola Professor Guy Ben-Ziony. She was taking part in many international youth orchestras through Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Estonia, Italy and France. In these orchestral projects and tours she gained a lot of experience in international communication on different languages like English and German which she speaks fluently. Nowadays, right after she finished her studies she is a full-time viola Professor in a music school in Zagreb, Croatia and still plays in a lot of youth and chamber orchestras.

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