Musical Initiation

Because we think that “Music Camp, Music & English” is a fantastic way of giving kids the chance to have the first contact with the musical instruments, we have created the special modality of MUSICAL INITIATION (from 7 years old). This modality is destined for children who have not made contact with any instrument. It gives the kids the possibility of learning the basics notions in music with other children in the same situation.niño flauta

Places are limited, so it is necessary to ask to the organization about the availability of each instrument subject. In musical initiation modality the students don’t have to bring any instrument since the organization will lend them one.

The musical activities included in this category are:

  • -Daily lessons of Musical Initiation and Musical Theory
  • -Body percussion workshops.
  • -Daily Choir lessons. All songs will be in English!
  • -Initiation instrument lessons.

(English and free time activities are also included in the Initiation modality)

All students will participate in the final concert taking part of the choir. Families and friends are very welcome to listen to it!

*Only in summer editions.


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